International courses at ENSIM

Hello everybody! Following my strategy, I have nothing special to announce regarding my next internship. However, this week we started something new at ENSIM: International courses!

At ENSIM, most of our courses are done in French, obviously. However, it’s very easy in Europe to do semesters abroad, thanks to the Erasmus program for example. And in that case, English becomes the official language. This year, we are happy to have common courses with IMDEA students. IMDEA stands for International Master’s Degree in Electro-Acoustics and is taught in the University of Le Mans, in which ENSIM also belongs. You can learn more about IMDEA by visiting this website. Now back to ENSIM.

Our common courses are about vibro-acoustics, which is the topic of acoustics that studies the interactions between vibrations (of structures) and acoustics (in gases). A common example is the study of a car that vibrates, which causes noise in its passenger compartment.

Because we have common courses with international students, English becomes the standard language and therfore, our teachers have to speak English too. And this is the funny part because sometimes, their accent is not the best one. And since most of us took the TOEIC last year, we sometimes tend to correct them everytime they make an English mistake. That’s not bad because they make theirselves understood but as you can see on the picture, it can be very funny 😀

teacher quote

This quote was the best one!

Anyway, this is very interesting and we are getting better at vibroacoustics everyday, which is the most important thing!

That’s it for this week, and for September as well! As I said earlier this month, next week will be about updating my resume and searching for the next internship starting in March! On the road again!

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