ENSIM: Presentation of school projets

Hello everybody! Things are getting on track at ENSIM for my final year, and this week, we had the presentation of school projects for our final year! Read on to discover what I want to do!

What is a school project at ENSIM?

At school, we have theoretical courses, practical works, and projects every year. During my first year, I conducted a small project for a school club. It was not directly related to acoustics, but it was more about discovering how to work within a team, and in my case, how to manage a team. Last year, we did a project with MANITOU Group about psychoacoustics. This one was super interesting and my team ended up having the best grade of the school!

This year, we have a school project to do once again, but the rules are different. First, it starts a little bit earlier since we will leave the school at the end of February. Also, we will be in small teams (1 to 3 persons). Then, we are expected to work as engineers more than ever.

Acoustic Black Holes

My feeling right now. But even though I don’t understand them, they seem interesting!

What are the different projects that ENSIM offers?

ENSIM has a close relationship with the LAUM, an worldwide-known lab in acoustics. Many of its researchers are our teachers, which is very good to make connections in the research world. This leads to a lot of school projects in collaboration with the LAUM. That’s very good but the problem is that we have a lot of research projects and not a lot of industrial projects with actual companies. Anyway, this is what it is and we had to chose among 30 projects this week.

This summer, I met an entrepreneur from San Francisco and when I was at Internoise with him and my professor in charge of the projects, we had the idea of me working on a new product during my school project. However, due to disagreement on  Intellectual Property and financial participation, this won’t happen this year.

So I had to submit a wishlist to my professor. I decided to put in 1st and 2nd position projects related to the Acoustic Black Hole (ABH) effect. I discovered it at Internoise this summer and this should be interesting! My 3rd choice is project that uses hydrophones (microphones that are used under water). I really want to have my 1st choice and I hope that my good grades last year will work in my favor.

To me, school projects are the most interesting thing at school because we are really in the shoes of an engineer. We have do to scientifical research and then create something, whether it is a software like I did last year, or anything else that I might do this year. I should know the final decision in a couple of weeks!

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