Seventh Week!

Were you waiting for this weekend’s post? Well, I was in a camping site in Yosemite this weekend, we’ll talk about that later, so it was difficult to update my blog before now! Read on to see what I did during this busy week!

Work at West General

This week, I visited 3 architects and 1 acoustical consultant. It’s very interesting to talk to architects because they have no idea of what acoustics are. That’s understandable, their first work is to make sure that the building will stand, and to make it beautiful if possible. So it’s normal that they don’t understand us when we talk about NRC or STC. But we try to teach them how to use the products we sell and we hope they will think of us when they have a project that requires acoustic treatments!


To my architects friends, this quote has never been so true 😀

We also visited an acoustical consultant. It was a challenge because I had prepared a presentation about the Noise Barriers LLC product line, but I never thought I would have to actually present the products! It was challenging and I was afraid not to make myself understood, but apparently it went fine! We’ll see if they remember West General when they need this type of materials!

Visiting the area

This Friday, I took a day off to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium! I didn’t know what to expect but I probably went to 5 different aquariums in my whole life and I never had a huge memory of it. But this one was really interesting! I always felt like I was in “Finding Nemo”, but for real!

On Saturday and Friday, I went to the Yosemite National Park with French friends of mine and my host family. I am a good hiker so I was happy that we managed to visit this park. The first day, we did a 13-mile trail to see the main places of the Yosemite Valley. And the second day, we went to Mirror Lake. I was really impressed by the abrupt hills but I missed the water (Mirror Lake was not full). But in general, I was happy to discover something that I only know as a Mac OS X release!

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