Fifth week!

And another week is over! Many things done and many things to do next week! Read on to discover!

Acoustics Charles M. Salter

My new bedside book by Charles M. Salter, thank you!

Work at West General

This week was quieter than the others. I am still working on BidClerk to find projects we can do. I also worked on a proposition for the dentist office we are working on. I really like this project because I don’t work only on the acoustical aspect. I also learn how to price a project and write quotations for the client, I am really happy to learn this because I will probably use that later on in my career!

I also went to San Francisco to visit Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc! Charles M. Salter is the main consulting firm in acoustics in California and worked on famous projects such as the 5th Avenue Apple Store in NYC! Okay, that’s probably not the best example, but that’s the best example for me! I am really happy and now I have a copy of Mr Salter’s book to study!

Visiting the area

August is more organized than July for me! Last Sunday, I went to a soccer game! that was really cool to see how it is in the United States. And this weekend was all about Silicon Valley: I visited the Google and Facebook HQs, and the original garages were Google and HP were born! Now I just need to see the original Facebook house (I found the right address!) and I will have seen all the tech places I wanted to see!

Next week will be very important because I will go to Internoise in San Francisco! I will also attend a conference in Oakland next Saturday. Never stop!

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