Fourth Week!

Wow, already one month in the United States! I can’t believe it, so many things happened in such a short time! Read on to see what I did this week and what I will do next!

Work at West General

I did two main visits this week. The first one was on a construction site on Great America Parkway in Santa Clara. The contractor wasn’t satisfied with the products he received and since the manufacturer was on the East Coast, we had to be the middlemen to solve the problem. We also went to a dentist office to evaluate what needed to be done to improve its reception room acoustics. In addition to acoustics, this project involves sound masking, which makes it even more interesting!

And this Friday, West General organized a party to celebrate its 40 years! Being the youngest and feshest employee of the company, I discovered many new people that I only knew the name before. It was very interesting to chat with everybody, I felt even more as a member of this family business! I have definitely chosen the right time and place to do my internship!


My Team at West General!

Other things

This week was also full of good news because I had a notification saying that I will receive my Social Security soon! I am happy to see that there was no problems! Other than that, this weekend will be more calm as I will do things with my manager’s family! I am also planning the next 3 and a half weeks there. I will go to San Francisco a lot, to visit consultants and then to go to Internoise! And I also need to have my picture in front of the Google and Facebook signs ! So many things to do in such a short time, will I be able to do everything? We’ll see 😀

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