Second Week!

Wow, already two weeks, time flies! Last week was all about settling down in the United States, this week was more about real things!

Work at West General

After one week at West General, I am beginning to be used to the way the company works. I have worked on several projects, some of them were more tricky than the others because sometimes, people have paradoxical demands. For example, a school contacted us to soundproof 3 music classes but they had very little budget, so it was complicated to do anything. On the other hand, I worked on a serious project in Florida! I send 5 proposals at the end of the week, I will check what they want next week!

West General Acoustics

This week, I was often on the road to visit sites that required acoustical treatments.

Paperwork in the United States

Even two weeks after being in the US, there are still many things to do. The main challenge of this week was to get my Social Security Card! Though there are some confusions due to my name (in France, we have two other names that are considered in the US either as part of the first name or as the middle name), everything should be fine!

Visiting the area

Finally, the last thing I did last weekend was to do a bike ride to Los Altos! I wanted to see the house where Steve Jobs founded Apple! It was a longer ride than what I expected but at the end, it was very interesting to see this house that I have been talked for years! I also went to a house where Mark Zuckerberg used to live. I thought I would find the house he rented as a student, but due to its size and location, he must have lived here when he started making millions!

Little by little, I settle down in the US and make the most of this time because already two weeks are behind me! Time flies so fast!

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