First Week!

Hi, did you miss me last week? Well, I had my flight and I was too busy settling down to write a post. Instead, I chose to skip this one and just wait for my first week to be over!

West General Acoustics

Picture taken last monday, thanks to Edward Basanese!

Leaving France and arriving in the United States

Here I am! On July 3rd, I left Nantes to go to San José and start my American adventure! There were absolutely no problem during the flights! When I arrived a Seattle for my connection, I was afraid I wouldn’t be admitted in the United States though all my paperwork was in order. Fortunately, it didn’t happen and I was happy to meet Edward Basanese when I arrived in San José!

First days in the Bay Area

On purpose, I arrived a few days before the beginning of my internship. I settled down in my host family and had breakfast with my manager in the week-end. I also visited Monterey and San Francisco. Saturday was the 4th of July, so a great celebration in all the country. I had real american hamburgers at my manager’s family and then I went to the fireworks! And then, on Sunday, everything was ready to start!

First week at West General Acoustics

So the first week is over! My goals for this week were mainly to discover the company and the team, and to do the paperwork! Yes, even in the United States, there are still many things to do! At the end of this week, most of it is done and I can now focus on the projects. Some of them already came on my desk this week, some of them with famous companies!


The beginning of this internship couldn’t have been better! Everyone has been very kind and helped me a lot to start my stay here on the right track! Now I will be able to fully focus on why I am here: Acoustics in the US!

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