Okay, so let’s be clear right now: I have done nothing this week regarding my internship this summer. But guess what, that was the plan.

Beg Douar

View from the Beg Douar, Bretagne.

Now that I have validated my academic year and got my TOEIC, I had 3 weeks to prepare my internship. But after 9 months of hard work, I felt that I needed to rest. So I decided to pack my bag and spend 3 days in Bretagne, northwestern France.

The main change for me was that I didn’t need to set an alarm clock! Normally, I always have an alarm clock, even on Sundays! During these days, I woke up whenever I wanted to! Second change : No computer and very little use of my phone. There were emails to write, but I waited for this weekend to do it. I needed to isolate myself during these days.

Though I quite know the Bretagne area (my name comes from a word from this region’s language), I visited some unknown places. I hiked on little paths on the hills close to the see and I also did some kayaking! And, as a French, I also ate typical food : Crêpes. Foreign people often say crêpes are like pancakes, but it’s TOTALLY different, always better of course 😀

So to sum up, I enjoyed this weekend a lot. I wanted to thank Alexandre and Tangi for welcoming me to their beautiful region! The next week will be very important: There is still paperwork to do and I also need to buy suitable clothes for the internship! Then, I will have a bunch of days next week that I will use if I am late, but I don’t want to!

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