End of school project, psychoacoustics and TOEIC

As I told you last week, I had almost an exam everyday this week! It’s almost over, just 4 exams ahead now! But for now,l et me talk about this week.

End of the school project

This week was the final one: After 7 months, our project is done! This Wednesday, we had our final project defense in front of our teachers and an engineer from MANITOU Group, partner of the project. The jury said we conducted the project properly and that our results are promising for future studies. To summarize, we did :

  • A bibliographical research on psychoacoustics indicators to qualify if a noise can be disturbing or not and in which ways
  • 192 on-site measurements with binaural headsets, microphones and accelerometers
  • A MATLAB program to represent all the data from the measurements
  • A second MATLAB program to conduct a perceptive test to see if theory and human perception match
  • A design of experiments (example here) to try to predict what can cause a bad perception of an engine

It’s not confirmed yet but we might have 17/20, which is in France, a very good grade! We are the best acoustics project of the year and the best ex-aequo considering the projects from our colleagues in computer science (they built a robot and placed 9/110 at the French Cup of Robotics). We are very grateful to MANITOU for offering this kind of project because we learned a lot through this project!

Sound perception at ENSIM

Thursday was interesting too because we received Mr Nicolas Chouard from Head Acoustics. He did a lecture about sound perception (a topic that I knew quite well thanks to the project I was talking about above). He also did a demo of an artificial head that captures the sound the same way a human being would be. It is very used in the automotive industry to design cars that create a sensation : sport, luxury, or security. It is also very useful for the smartphone industry. “Samsung has 17 of these” he said.


Say hello to the artificial head from Head Acoustics!


Finally, Friday was the big day because we had the TOEIC! For those who don’t know it, it’s an exam that certifies our fluency in English. The maximum score is 990 and ENSIM requires 785. We can’t get our degree without the TOEIC, even if we have validated all our semesters. This is why it was an important exam for us. During all the training, I had 985, 980 and 960 without studying so I was quite confident in this session. To be honest, I think I will have more than 785 without any roblem, the whole challenge is to see if I will get 990 😀

As I said in the introduction, there are still 5 exams ahead, including musical acoustics, vibrations and MATLAB! Theoretically, I’m done with this academic year next Friday! There will be about 2 weeks to prepare for the internship. California , I’m coming!

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