Free week … kind of.

Hi everybody! This was Spring Holiday here in France, but what can I do now that my visa has been accepted? Well, there’s still work on the table!

Surface Matlab Engine SolidWorks

What I did this week. I quite proud of myself !

Nothing to do ?

At first, you could say that now that my visa has been accepted, there’s nothing more I have to do. Well, not exactly. Getting the internship is a first thing, but there are many things to think like. The first that comes in my mind is accommodation. I am still searching for a host family or a roomshare in south San José, if you know anyone =)


Besides that, Spring Holiday was this week in France so no classes for me! But I still did homework for ENSIM and trained myself to SolidWorks (see the engine above) and improved my skills in Matlab: Now I know how to plot surfaces! It seems nothing compared to the GUI I am also coding (1000+ lines of code and counting) but I didn’t know how to do before!

As you can see, I haven’t worked a lot on the internship this week. But to me the visa was a great milestone and I felt I deserved a rest … kind of =)

See you next week !

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