On my way to the embassy !

This is almost the final step towards my visa! After filling out an entire form online last week and after checking details regarding some specific questions, I will now have to set up an appointment at the US embassy!

EDIT: Appointment in two weeks!


The US embassy in Paris.

Getting a US J1 visa is not something you should take lightly. Like I said last week, there are specific questions on who you are, what you will do, who is paying for the trip and many other questions. I don’t want to have my application delayed or refused because my answer wasn’t precise enough. I want to do this right so I had to check details with Parenthèse, my French sponsor for this visa program. Now that this form is fully filled, I have to go to the embassy. I can’t choose the date currently but I will update this post once I know it. I will let you know about this!

Outside of that, I had two exams this week. The first one was about Industrial Acoustics, which consists in designing tools like silencers to reduce the discomfort caused by the machinery. The second one was about General Acoustics and consisted in an MCQ followed by a typical waveguide exercise. These exams are important for me this semester and I am confident that I will pass! Regarding my Matlab GUI, I was happy to show my work to my supervisor who wasn’t expecting this! He gave me advice on how to improve it and I spend all Thursday morning implementing his solutions.

I feel I move on slowly regarding my visa, but as Confucius said “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. See you next week !

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