Who said this was a free week?

I can’t tell a lot publicly so far but many things are going on behind the stage. Let’s talk about what I have done this week.


Exploding head, by Zach Johnsen.

Visa paperwork

Getting a working visa isn’t easy if you want to work in the US. It’s not impossible though and I have started the procedures. The main bad point for me is that I can’t do the procedures all by myself, I have to work with a program sponsor that is basically a link between me, the company and the US embassy in France. The main advantage is that the sponsor will ensure that all the paperwork will be accepted and I won’t have to wait a lot to get this J1 visa. The main drawback is that is costs an unexpected amount of money and I don’t have unlimited resources. But I’m not giving up!

Other procedures

Health insurance

Getting the visa isn’t the only priority for this stay in the US, I also need to think about health insurance for example. The healthcare system is very different in France so I need to be careful when I subscribe to an American health insurance.


Where will I live when I am in the US? That’s an important question because I can’t rent an apartment, whether due to my resources or to the fact that I am not a US citizen. I wanted to live in a homestay. Why? Because last summer, I discovered this system in London and to me, it’s the best way to discover a different culture, which is also a goal of this internship. I have started to search for people interested in and I might have found the good ones!

Plane tickets

Plane tickets are the last hot file on the desk. The earlier you book, the less you pay. So I needed to know where to go so as to book as early as possible. At the end, I have found a good flight a bit more expensive than expected, but still correct so I am ready to fly to the United States!


As I said in the beginning of this post, I can’t tell a lot right now but I think I have achieved in one week way more than in the past 2 months! It’s not easy but I want to do it !

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