Job interview, congress and holidays

I have validated my first semester ! Before starting the second one, I have a free week. Let’s talk about how I will use it.


Not that type of interview.

Last week, I have done a job interview with one of the two companies I was talking about a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to do this interview because it was kind of a test for me, to see if I was good at it because I have never done that before. I felt that I was quite good but paradoxically for a student in acoustics and vibrations, I didn’t know the word “spring” in English when we talk about “mass-spring systems”, which are the basics of vibrations ! For the rest of it, I think I was good. Later on, the company emailed me 3 more questions to answer by next wednesday.

Apart from this, you might remember that I was part of the staff during ISMA 2014 (see here). By talking to my teacher, who is also a researcher at the LAUM (a lab close to ENSIM), he told me about a congress held in San Francisco this summer ! I searched for infos on the Internet and I see that it is in the middle of my internship ! I think it would be an educational experience, maybe there would be a chance to attend a part of the congress ? But I don’t know it yet !

Finally, I will use this free week to start the visa procedures and all the paperwork. Now that I know the requirements for it, I will begin now. And I don’t know if I told you about my research for a business mentor, but I found one among ENSIM’s alumni. She has worked for the “Stade de France” so her experience might be very interesting for me !

That’s it for this week ! I was late because I know more and more about my internship this summer but I felt that I shouldn’t put this into words before being sure of the future. Anyway, see you next week !

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