When you start a projet, you are thrilled to discover new things and meet new people. The first results give you the energy to move forward. And then, suddenly, you stagnate.


My face this week.

I have been contacting acoustical companies since last May. I had many positive results for the interviews, which was really good because it helped me to understand how does it work in the US. Then I started to send my resumes and my cover letters to the same companies, hoping that my experience with this blog would help me to be different than the other applicants.

But now, I have doubts. Most of the companies haven’t replied. And most of the companies that have can’t or don’t want to hire me. I had some emails from companies that wanted to hire me but the legal fees were too high to consider my application. Some are still considering my application, but now I fear that they will have the same fate.

Now, I don’t know. I am still sending my resumes to companies, hoping that it will work. And I am following up with those that told me they were considering my applications. But I received 0 email this week. And that’s the same for the interviews. It’s really important for me to know if I can be hired or not because all the procedures for the visa can take time and if there is a position for me, I don’t want to say no because of paperwork.

I stay motivated though and I keep sending emails. I know the key is not to give up. That’s why I still update this blog and that I still contact firms. But we’re already at mid-January and sometimes I feel like this internship is slipping through my fingers, and I don’t how to fix it. Anyway, till next week, I will follow up and see what’s new !

About my “godfather”, I am happy because my contact is very motivated to do this for me ! I just need to be sure that it is compatible with my school requirements and then I will probably meet him and discuss about his company and job !

PS : Interested in my profile ? Download my resume and my vCard if you want to hire me or share them with people that might be interested !


Download my resume today !


Download my vCard today !

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