A godfather in acoustics

Firstly, I wanted to share with you my sorrow for what happenned this week. Though everybody has his views about this world, it never justifies the use of guns. We are all Charlie.

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This week, I want to talk about ENSIM, my engineering school. As you know now, we are specialized in acoustics and we learn a lot of technical things about acoustics. But as an engineer, technical knowledge won’t be enough. I will probably manage a team, conduct projects, handle budgets and so on … How can I learn this ?

Well first, I am self-teaching some of these things by myself, mostly with the interviews I conduct. But at ENSIM, we also have to find a “godfather”. The idea is that this “godfather” can teach me what it’s like to work in acoustics for real. And this week, I did some calls to find mine. But how can I select him or her ?

I could have chosen one among the professionals I have interviewed. But there was two flaws in it : First, it was too easy. And then it was also not very good if I had to meet my godfather and visit his headquarters. So I had to find a company that does something close to what I wanted to do. Remember my trip to Paris a few weeks ago ?

While visiting the Maison de la Radio, I heard that the new auditorium was designed by a Japanese company that has offices in France : Nagata Acoustics. And good news never come alone : Their US branch worked on the Walt Disney Concert Hall ! I felt that this company was the best for me so I asked them who could be my godfather.

I don’t know yet if my request is accepted but I would love to discover the acoustical engineering world with them because when I see the projects they have conducted, I feel that they are the people I want to work with.

I will let you know about it in the next weeks to come. About the blog, I have emailed the two contacts I wanted to interview before Christmas holidays but I don’t have any reply so far. But I’m not giving up !

PS : Interested in my profile ? Download my resume and my vCard if you want to hire me or share them with people that might be interested !


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