Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve =)

Never stop ! Even during the school holidays ! No seriously, let’s not talk about acoustics this week. Not so much at least.


Resumes and motivation letters ready to be sent !

What happenned this week ? Well, I have printed several resumes and I have sent them towards the USA ! Due to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I think that they will arrive in early January. It will be alright because I would like to have the answer by the end of January to have enough time to prepare my trip !

And that’s it about acoustics ! Now, let’s move on to something else : I wish to everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS ! To me, celebrating Christmas is very important because it’s often the only moment in the year where all the family is here. My school, my friends, my projects are important, but my family is more important and I’m always happy to see them.

To continue, Santa Claus brought me an interesting book this year : It’s about expatriation ! Okay, I’m not sure about leaving France definitely, but there are helpful tips in this book for those who want to live and work in the United States so I will work on it, even though I know that nothing is better than doing things for real !

The next post will be the first of 2015 ! By this time, I hope you will take this time to meet your friends and family because they are very important in our lives. On my side, I will prepare for the next Christmas meal with my family ! Never stop ! See you next week !

PS : Interested in my profile ? Download my resume and my vCard if you want to hire me or share them with people that might be interested !


Download my resume today !


Download my vCard today !

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