How I hacked my trip to the US

This week, I have sent more resumes and applications forms so as to get an internship this summer. Though I don’t have any news yet, I am still planning my project. But how can I do when I never travelled that far, and especially for work ?

Hack a trip

People help me find the right key.

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Those who read my blog know that I spent last summer working in London. Okay, that was my first working experience abroad. But this internship will be totally different ! I will go to a new continent, and though there are some similar points in our cultures, many things remain different. So here is how I am preparing my trip.

First, I stay in touch with people I have interviewed. They are the best resource possible. Not only do they know their country, but they also know what is going on in the acoustics world there. I talk to Edward Basanese several times a week and I keep the other speakers informed regularly. Want a quick example of their benefits ? Following my article about wages, Edward Basanese gave me a little sentence to use so people can understand I am not familiar with US wages and they can pay me the right price.

Second, I stay in touch with old ENSIM students. For 5 years, ENSIM and the MIT have been partners and some of the previous students had their internship there. And some are still working here now ! This is a huge benefit for me because I am in their shoes when they went there for the first time and give me hints and tips for my accommodation for example. Some of them gave me approximate prices for the life there and some things that they used to experience when they were there.

So if you want to travel abroad, either for an internship or just for vacation, I can tell you from my experience that there are people willing to help you ! Start searching for them and ask as much questions as you need, as long as they are available to answer !

About the interviews, there was one interview that was schedule for a long time that I had to cancel because the speaker was unavailable due to medical reasons. Now that I focus on getting my internship, I am not sure I can reach my goal of 10 interviews by January. But I will keep on asking for them !

I have sent many resumes this week. So far, no reply but that will be for the next post ! Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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