New interview and school project !

If you like the Facebook page of this blog, you might have noticed that I have done my 6th interview this Wednasday. But to be honest, I couldn’t find enough time to transcribe it. I will do it tomorrow so for this post, I am going to talk about a new project at school related to acoustics.


Example of what I will be working on. Image property of Manitou Group.

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Every year at ENSIM, we have to conduct team projects. Last year, mine was a project in which my team and I had to code 2 websites, write a manual for sound-level meters and also edit a video. This year, it’s more serious business and my project is about psychoacoustics.

We work with Manitou Group. One of their problems are that their engines blast a lot of noise to the ears of people who are working with it. Our mission is divided into 2 parts and a bonus if we have time :

  • Learn what can characterize a disturbing noise when it comes to vehicles and design a listening test to know which sounds are well perceived or not.
  • Do measurements on site with several engines at several speeds to understand which engine (among 5 brands) is perceived as the best one (and define what is the best one by the way : is it the one that is calm or is it the one that creates a feeling of safety ?)?
  • Bonus : If we have enough time, do some signal processing to delete disturbing frequencies and give the results to the company so they can try to improve their engines.

I think this will be a very interesting project, close to what I will do as an engineer. Even though I don’t want to work in that field of acoustics, I think I can learn a lot about how sound is perceived, a problem that we also find with room acoustics. I will keep you informed of the evolution of this parallel project !

This week-end, I will transcribe the interview. Want to hear it ? That will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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