Break between interviews

Wow ! The past 3 weeks were amazing ! 3 interviews in 3 weeks ! I still can’t imagine because things went so fast ! This week, it’s time to sit and look back on what I did and what are my future plans.

break Rockefeller Center

Time for a break.

Now there are 5 interviews on the blog ! The past 3 weeks, I had the pleasure to interview Mr Aiton, Mr Lenz, and Ms Doggett and Mr San Souci. Due to the rising number of interviews, I have created a dedicated category on this blog for those who only want to watch them, you just have to click here.

I still remember when, back in London, I was frustrated because nobody wanted to be interviewed. But I also knew that in September, there would be more people interested because of the end of vacation. And luckily, I was right !

Now, what are my future plans ? Easy answer :

  • There is a new interview on rails ! I will interview the 6th speaker on October 15 so I will probably publish it on October 19, it will depend on how fast I can transcript the interview. I have some exams at school so I have to find a school/interviews balance.
  • Work on my resume. Yes, I already told it here. But truth be told, I couldn’t find time to work on it before. And since I am starting my job hunting, I’d better have to have a good resume !
  • And a special project ! It’s just a thought at this stage, but I may need your help ! I will probably start to talk about it in November !

I am very grateful for all these interviews and I am working on getting more ! My goal is close and why wouldn’t I do more ? But that will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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