Frustration !

This week was very frustrating because once again, I was supposed to interview someone. And once again, it fell through. Feedback.

A new missed interview

This saturday, I was supposed to interview someone. I was very happy to do this because it’s been a long time that I haven’t interviewed anybody. Thrusday, he asked me some last-minute questions and everything seemed okay. But yesterday, I sent him a Google Hangouts invitation and so far, no reply. I will email him on Monday to discuss about posponing the interview because I am sick and tired to constantly miss interviews.

It’s not the first time that it happens, see here, here and here. It’s the third interview that I miss. Remember my goal : 10 before January. If I had interviewed these 3, I would have done half of it ! So everytime that I miss an interview, I want to work on what I can change. Ang the only thing I have is my emails.

frustrated baby crying

Me when I miss an Interview

The new strategy

This week was the start of my new academic year at ENSIM. But I’m still working on this blog ! And the main thing to do this week is to set up a new strategy based on my emails. First, instead of contacting 5 companies per week, I email 10 companies per week. It allows me to contact every company twice before next January. Remember that I want to interview 10 people by January !

The second thing was to change entirely the first email I send. For those who have forgotten, the original email was this one. It started to look like a rough draft, so now I send this one, which is better to me :

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Corentin Blanchard. I am a blogger on the website Acoustics in the US. My goal is to interview professionals so as to have a better knowledge of the many different work related aspects of acoustics that exist in the US.

I heard about your company and would like to go further. May I request an online interview with you or a member of your company about the work that you do? This interview would be broadcast on my personal blog. I believe that it is a good opportunity for you to promote your company and to share your expertise in a particular field.

Please let me know who would be interested,

Best regards,
Corentin Blanchard.
Acoustics in the US

So now I send this email with the new rules I talked about a few weeks ago. So far, only one person replied. He said that it was impossible for him to find some time to set up an interview. I didn’t try to negociate, maybe I should have tried, that’s my new lesson for the next time.


I feel very frustrated when I miss an interview. I am angry with myself because I always want to know what is the parameter I have to change to be sure not to miss the next one. And I can’t see the results. Even more frustrating. But I know it can take time. That’s why I won’t give up ! Will there be an interview next week ? That will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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