Let’s talk about figures

This is my last post of the summer. Next week, I will email again the companies in search for an interview. But before, I wanted to talk about this blog and the figures I have about it.


This is what data anylisis looks like to me.

The blog started on the 10th of May 2014. I started using Google Analytics on the 16th of June 2014. I am a rookie in data analytics so I will present some key figures about June, July and August. They are not realy relevant right now but I will try to draw some conclusions from this data.I will present 3 criteria that are relevant for me : The number of sessions on my site, the way readers come on my website and where are my readers.

The figures

Sessions :

  • June 2014 : 48
  • July 2014 : 150
  • August 2014 : 114

Sources :

  • June 2014 : Direct (60.42%), Social (29.17%), Organic Search (6.25%), Referral (4.17%)
  • July 2014 : Direct (41.33%), Social (41.33%), Referral (10.67%), Organic Search (6.67%)
  • August 2014 : Direct (45.61%), Social (35.09%), Referral (14.91%), Organic Search (4.39%)

Geography :

  • June 2014 : France (85.42%), US (12.51%), Canada (2.08%)
  • July 2014 : US (50.67%), France (33.33%), UK (14.00%), Others (2.01%)
  • August 2014 : US (32.46%), France (28.95%), UK (27.19), Others (11.41%)

My conclusions

There are not a lot of sessions. To me, several things account for that : The youth of the blog (that implies a bad SEO), the subject which is a niche (so not a lot of Google search about it), and the holidays. Surprisingly, most of the readers come directly to my website, though I use Facebook and my emais to promote my website. I should try to understand which keywords bring the readers to improve the number of sessions. Most of my readers are from the US. I am happy with that because when I started, I had litteraly no contact in the US, so I can see that it works quite good !

Generally, I would say that the interview with Mr Basanese is responsible for these figures. When someone is interviewed, he usually shares the link with his relatives, friends and colleagues, and that’s why I have these results.

I don’t use any SEO trick to improve the blog, I do the best content I can to show my work and I want it to cause a natural good ranking on search engines. That’s why these figures are low (and therefore why I use percentages), but I believe that the more old the blog will be, the more relevant these figures will be.

I may also have a new interview going but that will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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