The spreadsheet is finished !

This week, I realized that I have contacted all the companies I wanted to email when I started this blog ! So, what’s next ?

Let’s start with the beginning

Like every week, I emailed 5 companies. But no answer from any of these. Moreover, I folowed up the 5 of last week as I wanted to do by setting up my new rule.Once again, no answer. When I have these 0/5 weeks, I really try to know what I can do to change this. Every week, I try to rephrase the original email so people can know what I do and say yes at the end. It’s the only way for me to talk to them, so it must be perfect.

The end !

The end !

The end ?

Now, like I said, the spreadsheet is finished ! I emailed everybody ! Actually, not everybody beacause there are some companies with no email or online contact form. But I emailed all the companies I could email so far. So, what are the next steps ?

  • The first is to do a report. Who replied, who didn’t ? Who has a correct email adress, who doesn’t, where can I find the right one ? Over 92 companies, 63 have correct email adresses and were contacted. Then, a tiny part of them replied. And a tiny little part of them accepted.
  • The second will be to recontact them of course ! Don’t forget that I want to interview 10 people! I think I will totally change the original email. This draft was wrote when I had 0 interviews. Now that I have 2 examples, I will change it.

Overall strategy

To conclude, now that the summer is over soon, let me talk about the 3 main part I will be working on starting Spetember:

  • I will recontact the 63 companies to get new interviews;
  • I will work on my new resume and send it to these 63 companies;
  • I will do the procedures to get a J1 visa so as to work legally in the US.

With such busy program, will I be able to achieve all these goals ? That will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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