0/5, New Page and Royal Albert Hall

This week, I feel like I don’t have a lot to write. But let me tell you what I did.

As usual, I emailed contacts. On Monday, I followed up several contacts that replied a few weeks ago. They seem interested but no one replied. On Tuesday, I emailed 5 new companies. And on Thursday, I emailed the companies from last week as I said in the previous post. So far, no answer.

As you can see, interviews are difficult to get. I truly feel that it’s the simplest way for the speaker to share his knowledge and to promote his company, and for me to benefit from his experience. So I created this page that you should read. I even explain my views with the Lion King ! So what are you waiting for ? Click here =)

Then I would like to talk about my stay in London. This week-end, I have visited the Royal Albert Hall. I wanted to experience the acoustics of the Hall. I discovered these diffusers that look like mushrooms, I will read about it to understand how they work. But one thing is sure, they work well because I attend a Prom (a classical music concert) and it was stunning ! If you’re ready to wait 4 hours like me, you’ll get to be close to the stage for just 5£ and you’ll have a great time !

Acoustic diffusers in the Royal Albert Hall

These mushrooms-like things in the Royal Albert Hall are actually acoustic diffusers

Let’s get back to business. I must admit that getting no reply for an interview is frustrating. But if vacation account for it, I think I will get more positive replies soon since September is coming ! But that will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

PS : It’s now possible to send me a direct e-mail by clicking on this icon or on the one in the side bar !


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