Missed interview, mentorship and holidays

Unfortunately, this week was quite silent. Let me explain how and why.


Nothing this week =(

This Wednesday, I was supposed to interview a new contact. I was very thrilled to do this interview because there would have been a lot of things to say. But he apparently hasn’t received my mails so I couldn’t know if he was okay or not. But on the Thursday, he said that he was waiting for me, so as me on my side. So I proposed him 2 solutions : postpone the interview or do a written interview like last week.

Talking about M. Basanese, he is very helpful. Since last week, we have been talking a lot about my project and he gives me some advice. And last but not least, he also gives me some useful contacts to e-mail, which is very helpful. He also corrects my English mistakes in my e-mails. Thank you Ed !

And as for the e-mails, I e-mailed a lot of companies this week. I have contacted some again so as they can remember that they were okay to be interviewed but without scheduling a date. I have also contacted new companies, but without any reply this week, except an automatic reply saying that my contact is on holiday.

I think that will be a problem for the weeks to come : People are going on holiday. So they maybe check their personal e-mails, but not their professional e-mails. Don’t forget that my goal is to interview 10 people before January. So far, I reached 20 % of it, I have to speed up ! By the way, I also rephrased the e-mail I send to be more convincing. I’ll see next week if it’s successful !

Next week, I am supposed to interview someone else. This one will work and should be very interesting. But that will be for the next post !

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