Delayed interview but new contacts !

Hi ! From now, I will be in London until the end of August ! But I will keep on updating this blog ! And I have some good news !

Mineirao stadium

I’ll probably talk about this soon !

First, I was supposed to interview an acoustical consultant tomorrow and embed the video in the next post. Unfortunately, when I e-mailed him to confirm the time and day, he told me he couldn’t be available. Too bad, but he told me he would be available later. So, not lost theoretically !

Then, I am happy today because I have 2 new contacts ! The first one is very kind and is totally ready to be interviewed ! Funny, he asked me how I heard about them so I showed him this post ! And I am very proud for the second one ! It’s a great company and I’ve been trying to contact them since the beginning of this blog ! Finally, thanks to Facebook, I have my contact ! If I can interview him, that will be very interesting !

That’s all for this week ! Where I live in London, I don’t have a reliable Internet connection so it’s hard to keep this blog up to date but I handle it quite good so far ! I hope I will schedule these 2 interviews by next week. But that will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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