New interview and new contacts !

I’m happy this week ! I am proud to announce that there will be a second interview and that my spreadsheet is filled with a new contact !

pharrell williams happy

I’m happy ! Click to enlarge.


Remember the man I e-mailed last week when I got an automatic reply ? He finally replied ! And he’s happy to be interviewed ! The interview is scheduled on Monday, July 21st and we will probably talk about environmental acoustics ! I will be working in London this week so I hope I will have a good connection to conduct it decently =)

Next, I e-mailed 5 new companies this week and one replied ! Unfortunately, the guy felt he wasn’t the type of person I wanted to interview. Indeed, he’s a seller and that’s not what I am searching for. But he gave me some companies to contact. I had already e-mailed some but there is a new one that I didn’t know. So, straight to my spreadsheet and RSS feed =)

Then, the “yes but no” company from last week seemed mute this week, I will send them a reminder because I don’t want to miss it !

Next week, I will attend an international congress about musical acoustics, it should be very interesting ! But that will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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