The 87-point strategy

Getting an internship is going to be tough. Especially abroad. That’s why I need a strategy.

First, I had to find where I want to go. I litteraly know no acoustics company in the US. So how can I find companies that will want to hire me ? Here is how I did :

During a boring class, I searched for the 20 most populous cities inthe US. And like everytime, Wikipedia had the answer. I picked the 20 first ones and added a few others. Boston, because my sister told me it was a beautiful city. Pittsburgh because some of my friends say it’s a good city too. And then Menlo Park and Mountain View because I am also a geek =)

The second step was to find companies. This time, I just googled the cities plus the word “acoustics”. After about an hour of research, I had 87 companies across the cities I listed before. The next step is to find how to contact them. I built a whole Excel spreadsheet with names, adresses, phone numbers and e-mail adresses.

Acoustic companies

Click to enlarge. Careful, that’s in French.

For now, the spreadsheet isn’t complete because I have my finals soon and I want to have my semester. Then, surprinsingly, not a lot of those companies give those informations on their site. I have to search deeper or sometimes I just can’t find anything. Once the spreadsheet will be full, I will have to start contacting these companies. But that will be for the next post !

Thanks for reading and tell me if you spotted any English mistake =)

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